Save Your Hair - Hair Growth ProductsWHY HAIRGENX? Hairgenx was formulated as a natural alternative to prescription hair loss treatments. As effective as these drugs are at inhibiting the production of Dihydrotestosterone (DHT), the listed possible side effects, render these products out of bounds for women, and can make these drugs very risky for men.

DHT THE PRIMARY CAUSE OF HAIR LOSS. DHT has been shown to be the cause of about 90% all cases of hair loss and baldness in men and women. This powerful androgen attaches follicles and prevents them from absorbing vital nutrients via the blood, eventually shrinking the follicle causing the hair to become thinner and thinner until it is lost altogether.

GLOBAL RESEARCH. Into DHT inhibiting hair loss remedies, and the dietary habits of men and women in various countries exhibiting the healthiest hair, led to the optimum ingredients to formulate our hair growth formulations. Intensive pharmaceutical research further confirmed the efficacy of these scientifically proven natural ingredients. 

Hair Loss
African Gentlemen - Hair Loss

HAIRGENX IS A NATURAL RANGE of hair loss products developed to inhibit the production of DHT androgens and also supply vital nutrients to previously closed follicle receptors. Actives are delivered from not only within, but externally on the scalp itself, right where it counts. THERE ARE NO SIDE EFFECTS.

Note that you will not see results straight away; your body adjusts slowly to the kind of changes needed to rescue ailing follicles. Expect at least three months before initial improvement. Maintenance is vital for long term results.

PRIMARY INGREDIENT. Our primary ingredient is Fenugreek Seed Extract, which has been scientifically proven for its ability to not only prevent hair loss, but also to trigger thicker hair growth. The biggest exporter of natural hair for extensions is India. Fenugreek is used extensively in the Indian, Turkish, and Southern Asian diet. India is the largest producer in the world.There is no question that thick lustrous hair is a feature in these regions. Do not underestimate the importance of combing our unique Fenugreek rich Hairgenx CoCo Scalp Massage Oil with the supplements, as this product is very effective at restoring follicle health, as well as being anti fizz, plus very effective at repairing heat damaged hair in women.

WHAT IF HAIR IS TOTALLY LOST? Hairgenx is designed to thicken up existing hair, and generally in the case of men, cannot restore totally bald areas; research shows that only surgery can do this. Women on the other hand rarely experience total hair loss and are unlikely to need surgical intervention to restore thinning hair.



In men, hereditary male pattern baldness (androgenetic alopecia) causes about 90% of hair loss. 

For men, in contrast to women, hair loss and shaving their heads as baldness progresses is generally more accepted.

Men tend to develop a receding hairline or baldness in a U shaped area on top of the scalp. Hair on the sides and back generally has closed DHT receptors and will not fall out, hence the transplanting of these hairs when surgery is needed.

Hairgenx Hair Loss Treatments HIM.
How it works:


Women are more likely to be emotionally and psychologically devastated when they lose their hair, according to Professor Vera H. Price of the Department of Dermatology at the San Francisco School of Medicine.

Women generally regard their hair as a crucial attribute of their femininity, appearance and identity. Hair loss can make a woman feel as if they are losing part of their identity. The emphasis on looks and societal pressure on women to be attractive can unfortunately be perceived to lead to a feeling of scant support and approval if they have little or no hair.  

Hairgenx COCO for HIM & HER.
How it works:

Hair Loss Treatments - Coco Scalp Massage Oil

Before COCO treatment

Hair Loss Treatments - Coco Scalp Massage Oil

After COCO treatment

Before COCO treatment

Before COCO treatment

After COCO treatment​

After COCO treatment

HAIRGENX COCO SCALP MASSAGE GEL. Thicker healthier hair within 3 months. Follicles do ordinarily respond very quickly to Hairgenx Coco treatments. Additionally, and notably in women; hair also shows an instant response to the conditioning effects of this product. Now with the addition of Shea Butter, this formula has the unique effect of leaving hair thicker, fuller and more lustrous after every leave in treatment, far exceeding the benefit of any other leave in products.



In the case of men, once hair has permanently fallen out and the follicle is no longer active, a supplement alone will not recreate the lost hair. Surgery or other types of Hair Regeneration might be needed.

Women on the other hand generally only experience hormonal related thinning as opposed to full hair loss, and are very unlikely to ever need surgical intervention. Other types of Hair Regeneration would apply.

In both men and women, Hairgenx products are recommended for the regeneration of thinning hair, and in the case of other treatments or surgery; Hairgenx is recommended post procedure for the prevention of future hair loss.

Dr Sean Moodley believes in a holistic approach, where beauty and health go hand in hand, using innovative, groundbreaking research-based techniques and treatments such as IV therapy, stem cell therapy and the latest surgical techniques.


Hair loss or alopecia is a common condition affecting both men and women. The most common type is androgenetic alopecia (AGA). After consultation and careful analysis, Dr Sean Moodley creates a personalized treatment plan for hair restoration. He uses a combination of treatments.

These include:

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