WHY HAIRGENX? Hairgenx was originally developed as a natural alternative to prescription hair loss treatments. These products are effective in inhibiting the production of Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) but unfortunately, the listed possible side effects, render these products out of bounds for women, and can make these treatments quite risky for men.

DHT has been proven to be the cause of most cases of hair loss and baldness in men and women. This powerful androgen attaches to the follicle and prevents it from absorbing vital nutrients via the blood, eventually shrinking the follicle causing the hair to become thinner and thinner until it is lost altogether.


OUR STORY. The question as to how to stop hair loss naturally has seen numerous hair loss remedies and treatments reach the marketplace. At Hairgenx we believe prevention is key, and by by far the best way to . Our global research into alternative hair loss ingredients and remedies for men and women led to what we consider the best possible hair loss solution available. Intensive work by our pharmacists identified the most effective and scientifically proven natural ingredients suitable for a hair loss supplement. Our natural range of hair loss products have been developed to inhibit the production of DHT toxins both from within and externally on the scalp itself; right where it counts. There are no side effects.

It is important to note that you will not see results straight away; your body adjusts slowly to the kind of changes needed to rescue ailing follicles. Expect at least three months before initial results. Most hair loss sufferer's on our program, exhibit good results between 3 and 9 months.

PRIMARY INGREDIENT. Our primary ingredient is Fenugreek Seed Extract, which has been scientifically proven for its ability to not only prevent hair lass, but also to trigger thicker hair growth. The biggest exporter of natural hair for extensions is India. Fenugreek is used extensively in the Indian, Turkish, and Southern Asian diet. India is the largest producer in the world. There is no question that thick lustrous hair is a feature in these regions. Do not underestimate the importance of combing our unique Fenugreek rich Hairgenx CoCo Scalp Massage Oil with the supplements, as this product is very effective at restoring follicle health.

The Hairgenx hair loss program is designed to thicken up existing hair and cannot restore significant balding; (in our opinion, only surgery can do this). Prevention is better than cure. Once a follicle is dead it is dead.