Are you losing hair, leaving thinning spots on the scalp? Is your hair thin and lifeless?

It’s possible that you have Androgenic Alopecia – male pattern hair loss, as well as female pattern hair loss can be a genetic hormonal condition that causes thinning hair and various levels of hair loss, baldness or damage.    

Hairgenx™ is a natural range of hair loss products now available in South Africa for men and women with thinning hair, that contain a powerful blend of scientifically researched natural extracts that have been proven to reduce hair loss and help prevent the hormone DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) from forming in the body. DHT attaches to follicle receptor sites, causing hair to become progressively finer until the hair is permanently lost.

The Hairgenx™ range not only helps to block this formation of DHT but also provides vital nutrients to stimulate regrowth. These nutrients also assist in extending the natural Anagen growth phase of follicles, resulting in healthier stronger hair.  

Ensure treatment of any sign of thinning hair early; hair loss prevention is the only way;  follicles that have already been destroyed by DHT cannot be revived. 

The secret to success is to Save Your Hair. 

ONLINE SALES: All products sold in 2's to allow for courier costs.

Note that Hairgenx™ is not recommended for anyone less than 25 years old.